Smartgrow Trading - Bot Series 01 - Bearish Power

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Welcome to our first Tradingview trading bot.

We develop signals which have been specially developed for crypto trading bots. We publish new indicators at regular intervals.

The main idea behind the bot is to use custom created indicators in a short and longer term timeframe to signal potential trendreversals in downtrends or ranging markets. The bot is not waiting for a trend confirmation signal before entering a trade, on the contrary, the bot waits for statistical extreme values ​​to open a trade. When potential signals are detected we are trailing price to find the best spot to enter a trade. With this approach we buy in strong oversold areas as these have great potential to move in the other direction again. The sell signals are also generated by this custom indicator only selling off, if a stronger recovery in the market has occured. The potential profit margin is therefore between the best possible entry into a heavily oversold market and a recovery of the market.

So this tradingbot isnt designed to work with take profit, stop loss or trailing stop loss. This would result in a long term loss and is therefore not recommented. Also the bot is not tested in any other market like futures or stocks. So we recommend to use it in crypto spot market only.

Depending on market situations, potential losses can occur when a market is strongly bearish and does not want to recover over a long range, or when the bot has entered a trade to early. We have built in a safety mechanism for detecting further downtrends to avoid major losses. This mechanism is part of the needed risk management Therefore we are suggesting to use a proper risk management so only use 2-5% of your funds per trade. We use this bot with 2,5% funds per trade for our personal use. The study needs to be set up in the 5 min chart to work and you need to set up one buy alarm and one sell alarm per pair. The Signals are very picky therefore it is suitable to apply it on all possible pairs on your exchange excluding stable and shitcoins. You could test it in other financial markets but the bot was developed especially for crypto markets. If you have questions regarding pairs or want to see real life performance, feel free to contact us.

This indicator using different timeframes so it is sending a repainting warning. Cause it calculates values in a different timeframe. But thats normal and it wont recalculate results.

We sell this indicator so it is invite only. But of cause you can test it before buying.

If there are questions, write them into the comments or contact us directly over the direct message. Happy Trading!
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Versionshinweise: Adding a limitation of maximum buy signals to 2 for better risk management.
Versionshinweise: New Sell Conditions
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