Band-Pass Filter

Just a clean script that can be applied on top of other indicators/sources or you can take the function out of the source and use it in other scripts.

The idea for this was taken from except I am utilizing an EMA instead of SMA . Simply put, we are combining a low-pass filter (moving average) with a high-pass filter (smoothed difference between the source and moving average). The result is a filter/moving average that provides a great combination of minimizing noise while still reacting strongly to price and trend changes.

I like to use this filter in place of other MAs in Pine Scripts to smooth my data. So instead of doing something like sma ( stochastic ,5) I can easily plug in bp ( stochastic ,5). It works just fine for your primary moving averages against price as well.
Open-source Skript

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This the same as a dema():
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chrism665 sal157011
@sal157011, I know of DEMA and TEMA and have seen that formula before, but never put it together that it gives the exact same result. Thanks! :)
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