Combined MA Trend Filter

Today I propose a simple but an effective tool to use as a trend identifier.

It is simple because it doesn't require user to tinker with it and it works on all scripts and all time frames.

It is effective because it's based on what I believe to be the most used ma's by the traders who are successful and usually trade with large qty.

So, what's under the hood?
-It's a combination of MA's and its alpha multiplier to replicate effect of higher TF MA without producing the weird square shapes.

-We are utilizing the range between the two as a way to identify "noise areas" or "ranging areas" for the price action, where taking a trade might not be the best decision.

-As soon as bar starts closing above the both MA and its alpha multiplier, it is in strong bullish zone
-And as soon as bar start closing below the same we have a strong bearish zone.

-Bar Colour coding
Lime - Strong Bullish sentiment
Yellow - Weak Sentiment (Ranged area)
Red - Strong bearish sentiment

-This indicator works in two modes, one is noise mode and one is noiseless mode.
When we select noiseless mode, we are utilizing here a filter to reduce noise, which can be also plotted on chart and option for doing so is given in settings.

Some examples?

I've used alpha of 5 in above examples (You can change it to anything you want, depending on your script and TF)
As you can see, it produces far better filtering and keeps you out from possible "noise areas" when trading, it is also good at working as scaling in and out tool for purpose of maximizing the profits when you do catch the trend.

Please note that higher the alpha you use, you will be shifting to higher TF MA, while its difficult to have a set number of set TimeFrame effect replication, its best to keep the alpha multiplier value around 5.

Authors note:
This indicator is free to use for all, I'm only protecting the code to avoid people selling it to unsuspecting new users. It happens a lot on TV.

Past performance does not mean future profit and trader is responsible for his own losses or profits, author does not take any responsibility to wrong application of the tool provided here.

Have a profitable trading journey and enjoy~

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pretty good indicator, thanks!
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Nice work @Pratik_4Clover. Is there a way to alert for green, yellow and red zones?
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