Gap Finder - Max Warren

Finds gaps. Nuff said

Ill make an overlay version
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study(title="Gap Finder - Max Warren", shorttitle="GapFinder-MW", overlay=false, precision=4)
ldist = high-low[1]
hdist = high[1]-low

gline=input(true, title="Display lines")
zline=input(true, title="Zero line")
ldistout = gline==true ? ldist : na
hdistout = gline==true ? hdist : na
zout = zline==true ? 0 : na
hline(zout, linestyle=dotted)

cgapup = #ff0000
cgapdown = #f0ff0f
cnogap = na
gapthing = high[1] < low ? cgapup : low[1] > high ? cgapdown : cnogap
bgcolor(gapthing, transp=60)