Support Resistance - Dynamic v2 w/ Timeframe option

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This script is a modification from the awesome "Support Resistance - Dynamic v2" by @LonesomeTheBlue

This script is very similar to the original indicator mentioned above, but with a modification that, in my opinion, would be very useful for many traders. It enables the option to choose different timeframe to calculate the S/R levels. Very often, traders would like to use higher timeframes to define S/R levels, rather than using the same timeframe that they are trading at. For example, if trading at 5min, we often use 15min, 30min or 1hr timeframe to define our S/R levels.

For example, below shows S/R levels from three different timeframes:

Hope you find value in this indicator~ Enjoy~
Updated with additional display settings:
- toggle display for labels
- Customizable label and text colors

Fixed bug on displaying 'H' and 'L' pivots

Attempted to fix the observation that S/R lines of the same timeframe are inconsistent on different chart timeframes. Improved slightly, but not completely fixed.
Minor correction to typo in setting.
removed max limit on 'Pivot Period' and 'Maximum Number of Pivot' settings
Updated script to address the issue of lines not matching with lines generated at higher timeframe. Please note that this fix only works if the higher timeframe selected isn't "too far" away from the chart timeframe.
fixed bug from last update:
- bug fixed: "Study Error - Error on bar 0. The study references too many candles in history" on non-intraday charts

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