Probability Bands [Anan]

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This indicator is based on Bayes' Theorem and is fully based on probabilities.
Formula For Bayes' Theorem:

P(Bull|Bear) = P(Bear∣Bull) * P(Bull) / P(Bear)

Bull and Bear are events and P is probability
P(Bull|Bear) is the posterior probability, the probability of Bull after taking into account Bear
P(Bear∣Bull) is the conditional probability or likelihood, the degree of belief in Bear given that proposition of Bull belief (Bull true)
P(Bull) is the prior probability, the probability of Bull belief
P(Bear) is the prior probability, the probability of Bear belief

The indicator output one trend lines and (Bull/Bear) Signal :

Bull/Bear Probability Trend :
when the price is above mid line ==> Up Trend
when the price is below mid line ==> Down Trend

And by using ATR deviation multipliers, we can get ( Bullish / Bearish ) zones

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