Stop Loss Panel

Here is a label panel that shows the stop-loss number for Long or Short trades based on volatility using average true range and and a mult of that.
Versionshinweise: I made it easier to see on all timeframes, and made it possible to adjust how many decimal places the numbers shown have.
Versionshinweise: update to chart
Versionshinweise: Added Take profit and Current Price. The price changes color to green if there is a higher low and changes color to orange if the is a lower high, there is a look back adjustment for this, if set to 2 it would need 2 consecutive higher lows or lower highs, it turns silver if neither have happened
Versionshinweise: Added a "In Profit" level based on the trading fees, for those that trade on the lower timeframes
Versionshinweise: The panel position can now be adjusted from the settings
Versionshinweise: Added Risk and Reward percentages
Versionshinweise: Display update
Versionshinweise: The Risk Reward Percentages take the Fee setting into account
Versionshinweise: Added some description to settings panel
Versionshinweise: Added a switch to account for round trip fees for Roundtrip fees on Entries and Exits
Versionshinweise: Changed the colors to be clearer
Versionshinweise: Changed it a bit so you can set your risk amount
Versionshinweise: Changed the view
Versionshinweise: Fixed a bug in the fees on off
Versionshinweise: Finally adjusted it so only the risk and reward account for the fees
Versionshinweise: Cleaned up some errors
Versionshinweise: I have taken the accounting for the fee option out as my math incorrect
Versionshinweise: You can now enter the price manually
Open-source Skript

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I feel that my math is off on this indicator, if any of you math wiz's wanna take a look feel free...
hi .its not loading on the cart. why?
Thanks for this wonderful script. Is it possible to show the same information for a specific candle rather than the last candle?
@uorgun, can you explain why that would be useful?
uorgun DannyBaker
@DannyBaker, I thought that could be useful for manual backtesting purposes. There is a tool on MT4 platform. When you click on a candle in the past, it automatically draws (with a horizontal line) stoploss and take profit levels based on ATR. When you are backtesting your indicators, you can visually see if it was a win or loss. I am not a programmer and don't know much about pine coding. I just wanted to know if a similar tool could be written for Tradingview platform.
@uorgun, I could make it so you could set a number back from the current price, but that would move in real time. and drawing lines would be a differant indicator
uorgun DannyBaker
@DannyBaker, thank you so much. I will be using your indicator as is and for forward testing. For backtesting, setting a number back will make things complicated and will be time consuming. Thanks again for this useful indicator.