Cappuccino Indicator

This is a indicator I built on the basis of RSI and price action.
It is the Cappuccino-Indicator. It calculates back the estimated price based on RSI with some optional filters and gives signals for buy and sell.

it works as follows:
- the current RSI value is calculated back to a estiamated market price
- shoutout to some developers who made some functions possible, this was a long work, I cannot find Your sources anymore, I'm sorry. Text me I will publish Your credits. You are awesome and I respect Your work.
- The principle is simple. as suggested by RSI Rookies the market is bullish when in certain RSI Levels, and bearish when in other
- This indicator also combines some trend channels for easier spotting good entries
- The Cappuccino Indicator tries to keep you in a trade as long as possible
- It uses ATR based Trailing SL for you to not get rekt
- It is just a piece of software, You're trading on Your own risk

Have fun.
  • Translated to English
  • Enabled all hidden options
  • Automatic Asset Decimals Detection
  • Grouped Options with new Pine Script Feature
  • Fixed deprecated "transp"
  • Set EMA Settings to more useful defaults
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