Volume Divergence by MM

It's a simply volume indicator. You should watch for breaks on both volume uptrend and volume downtrend. It uses fibonacci numbers to build smoothed moving average of volume .

Also you can check divergences for trend reversal and momentum loss.
Versionshinweise: Divergence lines and labels added.
Open-source Skript

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congrats !
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Hello, it's repainted? the divergences appear when the candle is closed or afterwards?
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baymucuk LeLyonnais
@LeLyonnais, its repainted but I can change it.
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NathanAR baymucuk
@baymucuk, Wait so this still repaints? or did you change something?
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It was great work but I just new in trading, is that send indicator before or after move?
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Warning indicater not found why
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Does it repaint?
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Thanks a lot for the great work mate! Unfortunately it seems to be printing the divergence label as far back as 6 candles sometimes, which is a bit late for use. I appreciate the work nonetheless
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baymucuk DTCash
@DTCash, You can set pivot lookback right period as 1 if you want to see divergences as fast as possible.
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fortifel baymucuk
@baymucuk, should I change pivot lookback right or pivot lookback left to see divergences as fast as possible?
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