Trend Power Detection using the Power of Body Candle.
Versionshinweise: Trend Power Detection based on CandleStick Power.
Trend Power based on Power of CandleStick.

the main idea is calculate 2 last candle body power, and give decision to what happen for next candle,

from my research ,if body power increased, probabilty to keep move on that direction is increased, and vice versa.

and if the body power bigger than -95% ( negative is red candle) or 90% ( green candle) , the trend likely to reversed.
so we need find average from 2 last candle to make sure.

because its calculate 2 last candle,, bar green or red will show at new candle open, and it will not repaint.

you need combine this indicator with others indicator,, i used this for scalping on 5m timeframe,

combining it with Mean Reversion Channel (fareid's MRI Variant) from @fareidzulkifli

I think it will be more interesting.
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