Volatility Traders Minds Strategy (VTM Strategy)

Volatility Traders Minds Strategy ( VTM Strategy)
I found this startegy on internet, with a video explaingin how it works.
Conditions for entry:
1 - Candles must to be above or bellow the 48 MA (Yellow line)
2 - Candles must to break the middle of bollinger bands
3 - Macd must to be above or bellow zero level;
4 - ADX must to be above 25 level

Credits to who developed this startegy ( google it).

Thanks to all pinescripters mentined in the code for their snippets.

It could be improved with stop loss based on ATR etc.

I have also a study with alerts.

Please use comment section for any feedback or contact me if you need support.
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looks hot !
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03.freeman syrinxflunki
@syrinxflunki, thank you.
@syrinxflunki, would you send me the alert explain vtm minds
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syrinxflunki edwardnderitu987562
I think i am missing something.
Trade is not closed even when the price has hit TP (top BB in case of long and bottom BB in case of short). Same with stop loss also (supposed to be exiting when it crosses the Mid BB).
Trades are being exited only when opposite side entry is made.

(in the source code also there is no mention of TP or SL).

pls clarify. thank you
dear all, do any one have MC version , would you share
Which time frame use you ?
Great script. Could someone post a study version with alerts? I am trying to make one but my Pine skills are not the greatest.
@zpeach, I have study with alerts. You can contact me privately for more details.
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