EMA_cumulativeVolume_crossover[Strategy V2]

This is variation of EMA_cumulativeVolume_crossover strategy.

instead of cumulative volume crossover, I have added the EMA to cumulative volume of same EMA length.

when EMA crossover EMACumulativeVolume , BUY

when already in LONG position and price crossing over EMACumulativeVolume*2 (orange line in the chart) , Add more

Partial Exit , when RSI 5 crossdown 90

Close All when EMA cross down EMACumulativeVolume

Black Line on the chart is the historical value of EMACumulativeVolume . when EMA area is green and price touch this line closes above it , you can consider consider BUY

I have tested it on SPY , QQQ and UDOW on hourly chart.
EMA setting 25 is working for all of these.
but SPY produces better results on EMA 35 setting

This strategy is published educational purposes only.
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Hope this a massive indicator for long term trend ! I would like you have to add some more signals on lines crossing one for strong step in ! If you add some more features this would be the game changing one for mid n long term investors without fear in market crash ! And finally this awesome man !
mohanee GsB325

Thank you

you would like to add some more signals , can you give me an example ...
GsB325 mohanee
@mohanee, like EMA crossing up and crossing down the Vwap line ! So there you can place a long tag for crossing up and short tag for crossing down !
GsB325 mohanee
@mohanee, I love your script and i'm working on your script to look more cool but some values not fixing well in my script so bro could you please add EMA length 5-8-21-49-199 with bool on/off option to this indicator. This is will be useful for intraday traders and It would be cool for short term trend also !
GsB325 GsB325
@GsB325, currently I'm using 13 EMA length in your indicator strategy and it is so cool !
GsB325 mohanee
@mohanee, bro I have coupled EMA 5 with EMA 13 so I can do trading in short term trend ! Please see this
How can I insert From and To period so I can backtest for this bearish month for crypto?
Thank you for sharing, could you add alerts too ?
mohanee gmeneguzzo

You can add alerts on strategy. On the strategy window ( bottom of the screen) , click on clock icon then select strategy in conditions window.

Good luck
Nice all your strategies are so good. U take very gud care in designing them. Thanks