Untapped Forceable Liquidity (@UltraXBT)

Proprietary algo that focuses on finding untapped liquidity levels through likely stop loss and liquidity points. Useful for strategizing market direction and to ensure that you aren't placing stops in a place likely to be hunted.

Add me on twitter @UltraXBT for help, or for access to other indicators.
Versionshinweise: Added Volume spike indicator
Versionshinweise: Volume spikes fixed to be more accurately displayed.

Default setting changed to off.
Versionshinweise: There is a bug currently that only shows lines if they ere also liquidity points. It is fixed temporarily by making the liquidity spikes shown by default.
Versionshinweise: bug fixed
Versionshinweise: Visual changes
Versionshinweise: Added indicator to attempt to differentiate between real short/long squeezes and traps.

Used Bitfinex OI indicator to determine spikes or dumps open interest. The traps are found by extrapolating locations where price dumped but open interest didn't.

Squeezes are shown where price dumped and OI of either shorts or longs dumped along with it.

Versionshinweise: visual bug fixed
Versionshinweise: Visual fix.
Versionshinweise: visual fixes
Versionshinweise: transparency fix
Versionshinweise: Added option to hide inner or outer liquidity zones (the red and green dots)
Versionshinweise: bug fix and visual smoothing
Versionshinweise: Fixed a typo in the menu
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