Ultimate MA + MFI

Hey Folks, this is in indicator that generates buy and sell alerts using Ultimate Moving Average and Money Flow Index.

Buy Alerts
Multi Time Frame Moving Average trend reversal AND MFI < threshold
Sell Alerts
MFI crossing under overbought threshold

Recommended settings for 3commas

- Create Alert with Buy Alert and link it to "Message for deal start signal"
- Create Alert with Sell Alert and link it to "Message to close all deals at Market Price"
- Set Take Profit to 1.0% with trailing between 0.2% and 0.6%
Versionshinweise: refactored script, added comments and cleaned up inputs.
default the selected MA to EMA
Versionshinweise: Overall refactoring and using version 4 explicitly
Versionshinweise: fixed typo in ma UP signal

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