ck - CryptoSniper Longs Only (Strategy) (Open Source)

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security with higher resolution
>>repainting by lookahead
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i went back on the chart of BTC/USDT and for 3 months and I noticed this indicator doesn't make any loss? How can it be possible? What is the problem with this indicator? How can it be this good! ???
Don't be fooled, this indicator uses the future to predict the price and make orders.

On lines 47 and 48, you get the 120min candles of BTC USD, so you already know the closing price of the candle (in the future).

If the open price of the candle is lower than the closing price and that is not the case for the previous one, you open a long trade.
But you already know this trade is happening on a green 120min candle.
You don't start at the beginning of the candle (you start after 1/4), so you might lose, and that is why it can be confusing to lose a trade even if you know the future.

Please guys, take care about predicting future prices when you see unrealistic results.
ChrisKaye BusyLightyear
@BusyLightyear, absolutely that’s what the messages at the bottom of the comments say as it is subject to repainting too, and why I refuse to sell it to anyone who asks.
To be clear to anyone else that reads this description:

** This Indicator doesn’t work as it shows on your screen **
Please help me to find indicator version
How can i buy it?

Is there any way to avoid repainting with this strategy?
@EazE_E, Sadly, no. I abandoned development of this as every rewrite I did that solved repainting made the script less profitable (maybe because it was actually more accurate?) - this idea can still be used but only coupled with a good “confirmation” indicator to ensure you only trade on a good signal.
EazE_E ChrisKaye
@ChrisKaye, damn.... i really liked where you were going with this. Whats a good "confirmation" indicator that you have been using to couple with this strategy?
@EazE_E, unfortunately I hadn’t found a good combination myself and am a bit short on time to experiment at the moment, that’s why I released it to the world and friends to test, hopefully someone finds the magic combination as I could then code it in.
I would suggest putting this on your chart with your other favourite indicators and you might notice correlation or confluence with another indicator when this makes a good call....
Hi Chris, is there a way to add Alerts on the buy and sell points?