Profits Unlimited Pro Strategy

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** This is the backtesting (strategy) version of ~ Profits Unlimited Pro  ~ proprietary script in TradingView. **

~ Profits Unlimited Pro Strategy  ~
֎ Trading system script on tradingview that brings an easy approach to trading with a high profitability rate
֎ Our proprietary formula was developed over the course of the past two years through a combination of trial and error and algorithmic backtesting.


֎ The algorithm starts with a proprietary script combining custom inputs with a formula that works with custom bollinger bands settings and specific RSI levels to results in deadly accurate signals for long and short entry points.

but that's not all...

֎ When we first developed our formula, we noticed that it produced a lot of accurate signals but also didn't fully understand the dynamics of market momentum and trending directions... there were a lot of needless calls being made that were reducing profitability.

You see, most markets spend roughly 80% of the time trading sideways with no significant trend either up or down...

...And trading these sideways markets commonly result in what's called a "whipsaw"...

A whipsaw is when price is moving in one direction but then quickly pivots to move in the opposite direction resulting in a loss. And nobody wants to be stuck trading in a sideways market getting killed by whipsaws all day...

So what did we do to fix this?...


֎ We added the Average Directional Index into our custom formula with a goal of teaching the algorithm to only trade during periods of strong momentum and trends whether up or down.

֎ We also added trend exhaustion levels to give clear indication for exit signals and help determine best times of getting out of a trade.

֎ Trend Exhaustion Levels work in conjunction with trailing stop loss % and both are customizable for ideal exits and profitability.

֎ The results are mind blowing!

-- WHO IT'S FOR --
֎ Optimized for crypto markets, to catch trend movements as soon as possible and maximize profitability
֎ It's A Swing Traders Dream.

-- What You Get --
֎ Sell & Buy alerts, Stop Loss alerts and always adding new features!

֎ Customizable settings.

֎ Chrome Extension in development for fine-tuning settings automatically(COMING SOON)
-You will be able to select an asset. push a button. and the extension will find the best settings for you!

֎ Users Facebook community for learning, sharing and direct support

If you’d like to test the trading script in TradingView, I can give you access to a 10 days trial.
Please send me PM in tradingview and I’ll activate it right away.

Thank you!
Versionshinweise: *We changed the name to Endless Profits 2.0
*We cleaned up the settings and simplified the input options
*We updated the default settings and removed obsolete code
Versionshinweise: Proprietary Algorithm was updated.
*Switched out section of formula containing RFI for MFI as it related to LONG/SHORT conditions.

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