Ichimoku Fibonacci Hybrid

Hey guys, this is a variation of Ichimoku using Fibonacci principles.


As you may know, Ichimoku uses in its calculations (high + low)/2 to calculate Tenkan-sen (Conversion line) and Kijun-sen (Base line) for different periods: Tenkan is a shorter period, so it reacts faster to reversals, while Kijun is slower, so it reacts slower, and it is contextually more reliable due to how conservative it is.

Why does the Ichimoku Cloud works? My theory that inspired this indicator is that it works because it looks at 50% retracements from highest point to the lowest point. In other words, Tenkan plots the 50% line between the peak and the trough from the recent period, which has proven to often be a good estimation for retracements. Similarly, Kijun applies the same, but for a longer period*.

However, if we look at Fibonacci retracement , it is often the case that price retracts to those magical percentages: 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, and sometimes even 88.6% and 78.6%. Why this happens is largely unknown to the academic community, but, empirically, it often seems that these numbers just work.

Therefore, I wanted to apply this principle to Ichimoku calculations, and instead of calculating (high + low)/2, I calculated both (high + low) * 0.382 and (high + low) * 0.618. These lines should provide pessimistic/ bearish estimations, and optimistic/ bullish estimations, respectively. Naturally, these results in 4 extra lines: a bearish Tenkan/Kijun pair and a bullish Tenkan/Kijun pair.

Therefore, applying this indicator will crowd the chart quite a bit: you have 6 lines on the chart among which 2 of them are the original Tenkan and Kijun lines, and the other 4 are Fib-inspired Tenkan/Kijun lines.


As with most indicators, usage is subjective to the user and relative to the chart. However, some ways in which this indicator can be used are as follows:

  • In a strong uptrend, price is typically above both Ichi Kijun and Tenkan. In this case, you can use this indicator to provide you with a new pair of bullish Kijun/Tenkan that provide the same usage as before. Similarly, in a downtrend, the bearish Kijun/Tenkan apply.
  • Using the new lines, one can apply R/S levels, crossover signals, overbought/oversold areas, price channels, retracement levels, and trend indications.
  • One may simply use it out of convenience, as it automatically computes potential areas of interest without having to perform manual work.

Please note that because the indicator was so full, I did not keep the Cloud, nor did I keep the Chikou span (Lagging span.) These can be easily implemented, but it would crowd the chart to an extent that it would be difficult to gauge much information. However, I did consider adding them as optional indicators that are disabled by default, and I may potentially do so in the future. For reference, this would help by simply disabling everything else besides the "bullish Ichi" in an uptrend.


* I have heard people referring to Ichimoku Cloud as "a glorified average mean," but, mathematically, I don't believe there is much relationship between MAs and Ichimoku Cloud . However, I acknowledge the visual similarity between the two and the potential to use both in a similar fashion, so one may interpret this indicator as such if they please.
Versionshinweise: Updated script to use actual Fibonacci retracements by default. This turns the indicator into something akin to a trailing Fib retracement indicator, and it considers only retracement within the price range considered by the user. This can be enabled or disabled from the settings by ticking/unticking "Retracements."
Versionshinweise: Demonstrating the "Retracements" option introduced previously. Note that this is turned on by default, but turning it off may provide interesting insight, especially on larger timeframes.
Versionshinweise: Hopefully selected the right image?
Versionshinweise: Make the default period for Tenkan a thematic fib number: 21 :P Users should feel encouraged to adjust their periods to their liking though.
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If you want more lines, check out
Seems good as a first impression, more like BB but with real support and resistance zones.
Not sure how to update the text without updating the script, so I'll just leave here the original image. This is without "Retracements" https://i.imgur.com/koqdTBy.png This option makes more sense on larger timeframes (1D +)
Addendum: Please note that because 0.382 and 0.618 are symmetric around 0.5, it is expected that all 3 Tenkens and all 3 Kijuns should be 100% correlated, and confluence with Fibonacci should exist by construction, not as a confirmation.
lostkauze lostkauze
@lostkauze, correlated and symmetric*
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