theMegalodon looks for the institutional finger prints, the whales or the big boys.
theMegalodon is really simple to use.
theMegalodon combines the 8 different unique indicators, that each have almost perfect success rate.
theMegalodon works with any kind of market state, any kind of trading, and any kind of asset.
theMegalodon has more features than any other indicator in the market: Out of 9 working indicators, we have 3 momentum, 3 price and 3 volume indicators showing you the best signals.
theMegalodon is designed for us, the small fishes in the ocean, the millennials, the college students. This will basically makes us the new Megalodons(whale hunters).
All you have to do is:
1- Look for green or red arrows.
2- Look for orange or red candles.
3- Repeat
Some boring info that you don't necessarily need to know.
1- Draws fibonacci retracement (s)' levels depending on your preferred look back period (Default: 365 and 120)
i) Can draw 2 fibs on the same chart. Can reverse the fib levels. Even, add an additional fib level to look for.
ii) Automatic fill function for a Reload Zone inside of a Reload Zone. *61.8% levels to 100% levels or 0% levels
2- Changes the color of the candle when strong buy(orange) or strong sell(red). Draws arrows on the chart for long and short positions.
i) Analyses and Combines
a) Price
b) Momentum
c) Volume
3- Prints out the indicators that are either giving Short or Long signs on the right corner.
4- The closer the unclebo indicator(click enable UncleBo) gets to the All time high, the better buy it is.
i) Same with the other way around. The closer it gets to the 0, the better sell it is.
5- Draws Bollinger Bands on the chart and shows where to buy or sell
6-The indicator is designed to be used in Daily time frame for the best calls to short or long.
Enlighten others
Apr 26
Versionshinweise: Rsi Updated.
Apr 29
Versionshinweise: Modifications on RSI.
Apr 29
Versionshinweise: Indicator adjustments, fixed bugs.
Apr 29
Versionshinweise: iPyra◬_ChillyWilly added to make better signals for momentum analysis.
Apr 30
Versionshinweise: Fixed bugs for different time frames.
Edited text messages.
Added better functions for faster calculations.
Apr 30
Versionshinweise: More bugs fixed!
May 01
Versionshinweise: Chilly Willy different m's&w's function changed, improved.
May 03
Versionshinweise: The Megalodon Candle Colors updated!
May 09
Versionshinweise: Beta is on for public-trial access.
Candle for sell is blue from now on.
Go to our trading view profile to learn more about how to gain access.
May 18
Versionshinweise: Alarm Settings Modified.
Dec 29
  • Why Megalodon?
    We believe that enlightening others is an incredible way to make this world a better place. That's why we created the tools you need to stop worrying about your investments and focus on what really matters in your life.
    What is Megalodon?
  • Megalodon uses Artificial Intelligence that combines 574 back-tested indicators and 2674 back-tested setups, simultaneously.
  • Megalodon works with any kind of asset, market state and time frame.
    What is the win rate?
  • Megalodon is extremely accurate and offers insane profits as long as you do your fundamental analysis right.
    How to use Megalodon?
  • Simply, green arrows are buy signals and red arrows are sell signals.
    How to purchase?
  • Megalodon is totally FREE.
    You may upgrade to Megalodon Pro for the most important features, including automizing your trading on any asset profitably, setting up alarms to get notified, joining to our VIP telegram channel to learn and profit with the community. Simply go to our website on our TradingView page for purchasing this upgrade.
Megalodon Trading
~Enlighten Others~
Aug 12
Versionshinweise: V.5 has been updated.
Green -> Buy
Orange -> Strong Buy
Red -> Sell
Purple -> Strong Sell
Aug 13
Versionshinweise: Fixed some bugs...
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