Mr. Pits Scalper

This script i am using at this time. Not repainting!

Best used at 15 / 5 / 3 min!

Ideal use: Take Profit of 50 % at TP, set trailing stop to EP+1Beer for the other 50%. And then let it run.
If stopped out, reenter @EP and set SL again. if stopped out again, dring the beer of the former trades and wait for new signal.

Backtest is only for 2017 and 2018!

But: i need help with programming.

I need a WORKING trailing Stop
i want to sell 50 % of the order at TP an let run the other 50% with a trainling stop relative to the entry-point
i want to reenter when stopped out and the price goes over/under the entrypoint again.

So, who has ideas?

I know much about C# an Perl , Basic net and PHP , but nothing about PINE! Help?

Thanks guys and have fun with it!
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