Profit Generator [MC]

1. Ensure the Heikin Ashi Candlesticks are selected and used. Works best with this candlestick type.
2. Ensure borders and wicks are turned off in the chart properties panel at the top right of the chart page.
3. Buy when a 'Buy' signal is displayed.
4. Sell when a 'Sell' signal is displayed.
5. Avoid buying / selling when an 'avoid' signal is displayed.

Important Information:
A) The indicator works best to produce the most optimum results on the following time frames:
*30min Chart
*45min Chart
*1H Chart
*2H Chart
*4H Chart
*1D Chart

B) Indicator never repaints.

C) Option to turn on Trend Points (circles above and below candles) which act as take profit points and reversals.
Blue means the price is rising, purple means the price is falling.

D) Very high success rate based on manual back testing.

E) Trend Strength at the bottom represents the strength of the trend and the tendency to reverse.
Acts as a 'Take Profit' signal and a reversal signal.
Blue means the price is rising, purple means the price is falling.

F) Indicator works for all market types (stocks, forex, etc)

G) When the Trend Points and the Trend Strength are of the same color (example: blue), and a buy signal occurs,
high probability the price will rise and the trend will be successful.

H) The higher the Trend Length, the less the sensitivity of the trend to change.

I) The lower the Trend Length, the more volatile the trend becomes, resulting in many trend changes.

J) Best Trend Length Settings:
*50 = Short Term Trading
*100 = Intermediate Term Trading
*200 = Long Term Trading

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Please give me access
Can I please have access?
Could you send me information about how to trial and purchase these indicators. Thanks!
Hi. Can I please have a trial? I also sent you a PM just now. Thanks!
Hello, can you allow access to see the effect, and then decide whether to start according to the effect, just a few days, thank you
Hi! Please grant me access. Thanks
Additional note : Refunds will not be issued after 2 days of purchasing the indicator.

I have now been using both indicators for a week and promised i would review.

I am so impressed! I use my levels as before and my rules have been adapted. These indicators have really helped me to cut out the noise and disciplined me to stay in the trade. Excellent! and Thank You.

Exciting times ahead for you guys!
@Laurex, Thankyou so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it. We are very pleased to hear that you are adapting new strategies and techniques using our indicators, keep up the incredible work, we wish you all the best. Goodluck !
Can I please have access?
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