[astropark] Fast Supply Demand Order Blocks Finder

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today another awesome Analysis Tool, that you can use both for Swing and Scalping Trading: Fast Supply Demand Order Blocks Finder!

Every time it finds a bullish Order Block (Demand) or a bearish OB (Supply), it shows it immediatelly and when the OB is touched by price, an alert is triggered and a circle is displayed.

Keep in mind that trading Supply and Demand is quite easy:
  • short/sell at Supply ( Bearish OB)
  • long/buy at Demand ( Bullish OB)
  • short/sell if Demand ( Bullish OB) gets broken
  • long/buy if Supply ( Bearish OB) gets broken

This indicator has the resolution option, so you can checkout higher timeframes OBs , whatever timeframe you are.
Also you can refine the OBs finder algo fine tuning some filter options or you can just disable them all.
The indicator keeps track of all previous historic Supplies and Demands, but if too much are shown and you don't like it, you can just cut them by defining a specifc Analysis Starting Date/Time using the specific input options in the indicator settings.
Optionally you can also change lines' color and width, as well as enable/disable the OB hits circles.

Here below you can see some charts that shows how the indicator works on many timeframes, resolutions and markets.

XAUUSD 1h, using 6h resolution - part 1

XAUUSD 1h, using 6h resolution - part 2

XAUUSD 1h, using 6h resolution - part 3

BTCUSD 1h, without using resolution

EURUSD 5m, using 30m resolution

SPX500 5m, using 30m resolution

As I always says, all tools are great if you use them correctly: this is not the "Holy Grail", so always use proper money and risk management strategies.

This is a premium indicator, so send me a private message in order to get access to this script.
Versionshinweise: some enhancements
  • support Heikin Ashi charts
  • you can easily enable/disable the SL levels and change its lines' width
  • you choose to extend lines of nearest OB
Versionshinweise: add option to enable/disable OB's background color
Versionshinweise: enhanced inputs for color selection and timestamp from which to start analysis
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Hi, I'd like to try this indicator. Can you assist? Ty.
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Interesting. So, I will only need to push Sell/Buy button according to the arrow?
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hi @khres,
please check private DM chat
Hello, I'd like to try this indicator. Can you assist? Ty.
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Hi @SuzyKay6M,
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Hi. Can I get a trail of this script!
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Hi, could you please advise on how to get this indicator? Thanks
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@astropark, i need this indicator