S2BU2 Volume Oscillator (Improved)

Fair Use:
Please do not take my work and sell it under your own name. This was created to benefit everyone - not one person. Feel free however to use it as part of whatever work you wish to sell (of course i would applaud also giving ideas away for free - your choice though ;)

What it is:
The Basis for this Indicator was the original Volume Oscillator. I added Averages for Highs and Lows to make it easier to see relatively over- or undersupplied zones.
I also modified the oscillator to use a fast and a slow moving average à la MACD on itself to get a cleaner and earlier signal for when to expect a big move.

How it works:
A falling MA-line - especially if beneath the Signal-line indicates weakening Strength. Movements made during this time will barely move the needle.
A rising MA-line - especially if above the Signal-line, indicates increasing strength. Movements made during this time will be relatively considerable.
Crossovers above the average High/ below the average Low are especially relevant.

How to use:
Note this is only a recommendation and not advice. Feel free to experiment and adjust the indicator to fit your tradingstyle. This is only my personal setup. Feel free to share your findings.

Best used in combination with another Indicator that gives impulse direction, like for example my Stochastic Momentum Convergence Divergence ( You may also use any other indicator that works for you for this purpose - i am biased towards my own work though :D

What you want to see is a fresh direction-signal followed by a rising MA-line in the Volume Oscillator. For confirmation you can wait until the Volume Oscillator also has a crossover(up only, do not use the crossdown!) between MA- and Signal-line. Best results should be achieved if the MA-line was well below the averageLow-line. Trenddirection may change even while the Volume continuously goes up. Volume is direction agnostic. Always keep an eye on your direction indicator as changes can and will occur. These will be equally as violent and often longer lived than the previous direction you caught - you will lose a lot more than you gain if you do not keep track of that! This Indicator will help you to identify when not to waste your time on a trade, it will not be a magic pill that you can use to set and forget.
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