Scalping Strategy with SL and TP activation settings

This strategy can be used on pretty much every timeframe that gives you a satisfying performance and will give you entries with a high probability of a winning trade.
Recommended are lower timeframes, because after all this is a scalping strategy and with that your chart wont be cluttered.

How to use this script?
Currently you can setup your positions SL and TP, because the markets vary in volatility it could improve the performance of the strategy.
You will simply get your signals and can decide to act upon them.
Stop loss: Simply your stop loss order which will trigger when price moves a given % away from your entry.
TP-Activation: When price reaches your % target it will trigger a stop limit order. So if price turns against your position after reaching your target it will close your position in profit and if it runs in your favoured direction it will trigger at a later stage.
Trailing-Offset-%: After reaching your % target it will trigger the TP order with an offset. So if you set your trailing offset to 0.1%, your TP order will be set behind 0.1 %. This can be used to test if the strategy would perform as well
if you leave more room for trades to play out.

Will this script make me profitable?
No strategy is a silver bullet and it depends mostly on you.
Trading is not easy and most people fail, because their risk management skills arent solid or they cant control their emotions.
This script will give you statistically often good entries, so even if you hit a losing streak your SL will protect you from losing more than necessary until you get a winning streak.
Patience and consistency is key to be profitable in the long run.

Does the script repaint?
Although you will get a notification when setting an alarm that the indicator may repaint, no security function is used and the signals will stay on the chart, because the signal is calculated based on the last candle close and will trigger with the next candle.
I am still looking into why that notification pops up.
You are free to try the indicator for a limited time to be sure.

My experience with the strategy
The overall statistical advantage is great. The strategy can be used simply as it is, but becomes better if you already have some experience with trading. Sometimes it will give you a good entry, reaches your target and the price still goes in your preferred direction. So your trading returns and experience could be improved with confluence, but it is totally fine as it is and if used right will help you get going.

Disclaimer: This is no financial advice. This is a tool and I am not responsible for your actions.

If you are interested in the indicator feel free to dm me on TradingView.
Versionshinweise: The backtesting tool is not testing this the trades as I was expecting. In that regard use only lower time frames for scalping as intended. I DONT recommend trading in HTF's as the performance may vary.
Versionshinweise: Set back to right chart
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