Adaptive RSI and MACD

Hello guys,

this script provides a adaptive version of the RSI and MACD . Also you can check in the settings for the long-short-ratio of bitcoin and ethereum .

The indicator is adaptive, because it looks at historic price action of a specific period to define, wether the trend is bullish or bearish and therefore adapts the values.

What you need to look out for:
- MACD crosses, highs (top area) and lows (lower area)
- RSI divergences (e.g. adaptive rsi falls and price goes higher)
- long-short divergences (e.g. long-short ratio rises and price goes down)
- if macd or rsi is above the middle line, the trend is rising and other way around

Let me know, what you've been thinking bout the script :-)
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Could you please look at the ayn indicator comments?
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