Ultimate Momentum Indicator [CC]

This is a custom indicator of mine loosely based on the work by Steve J Godwin & Louisa C Schneider (Stocks and Commodities Feb 2021 pg 22) and this works pretty well at anticipating future price swings as the momentum falls. The idea I was going for was to introduce the idea of reversals in combination with a momentum indicator so you can better identify peaks and valleys. I have included strong buy and signals in addition to normal ones so darker colors are the strong buy and sell signals and lighter colors are the normal ones. I would recommend to buy when the line turns green and sell when it turns red.

Let me know if there are any other indicators you would like me to publish!
Open-source Skript

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Have you tried on different timeframes? On which one you have better results? thanks
@horca17, That really depends on the underlying stock itself because I have noticed that different stocks seem to work better with different timeframes. That being said you can always do a slow timeframe combined with a fast timeframe to see when they crossover
Very Nice One Brother.
Can you Plot it with RSI
cheatcountry Aryan-Anand
@Aryan-Anand, My script already uses the rsi as part of the calculation
Nice one! :)
cheatcountry AtomOfScent
@AtomOfScent, thank you!