This Multi Moving Average (MA) indicator is more flexible than any other indicator of this type offered so far. You can define up to 10 different Moving Average (MA) lines based on different calculation variants.

The following MA types can be configured.
- EMA: Exponentially Moving Average
- SMA: Small Moving Average
- RMA: Rolling Moving Average
- WMA: Weighted Moving Average
- VWMA: Volume Weighted Moving Average
- KAMA: Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average
- HMA: Hull Moving Average

Which settings can be made?
- Selection for calculation formula ("Calculation Source"). The default value is "close".
- for each MA line the "Length" and the "Type" can be defined
- furthermore you can make layout adjustments via the "Style" menu
  • added Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA)
  • added Double Expotential Moving Average (DEMA)
  • added Variable Index Dynamic Average (VIDYA)
  • added Coefficient of Variation Weighted Moving Average (COVWMA)
  • added Exponential Hull Moving Average (EHMA)
  • added new option "Up/Down Movements: On/Off" which shows the up and down movements of the lines
  • added new option "Bands: On/Off" which visualizes the lines as connected bands
  • improvement of the display of bands and up/down trends
  • Advanced options moved to the bottom
  • Display of the bands optimized. If this option is activated, bands and lines are displayed with uniform colors for better differentiation.
  • PineScript 4 compatibility increased. Deprecated attribute "transp" replaced by function
  • Update function "funcSMMA()": extract the call of the the function 'sma' from the ternary operator
  • Enables the often requested option that user-defined colors can be defined
  • Removed the rarely used options "Up/Down Movements: On/Off", "Up/Down Movements: Rising Length", "Bands: On/Off", "Bands: Transparency".
Versionshinweise: New feature "Templates" implemented. Under the settings (at the very bottom) of the indicator you can now choose between the following templates.
  • "DISABLED": no template, your user defined settings will be taken over
  • "EMA 20-50-100-200"
  • "EMA Fibonacci 21-55-89-144-233"
  • "EMA 20-50-100-200 / SMA 100-200"
  • "EMA Golden/Death Cross 50-200"
  • "SMA Golden/Death Cross 50-200"
  • "SMA 5-10-20-50-200"
  • HMA Cross 21-34

Feel free to write me if you have ideas for more templates.
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