Relative Strength

Relative Strength Colored

This script plots Relative strength Compared to Nifty Index.
You can change it to your requirement .
Versionshinweise: Name changed to Relative Strength Colored
Versionshinweise: I want to highlight that this script based on Created by @modhelius .
Open-source Skript

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Not getting this indicator? Can you please share by which name it can be find? There are many other TAs like Modhilius etc. But your name Sodhia17 is not there.
Thank you.
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sodhia17 Tech_Milind
@Tech_Milind, I think because it was not marked favorite by lot of people. That is why it might not show in the top of the search list.
but now it has started resulting .

Search for 'Relative Strength' .
hello, you have constructed the RS as an oscillator.
how can one change it to a simple line.
thannking you in anticipation.
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Sir not able to add this indicator in my trading view
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sodhia17 amarprasadrout1
@amarprasadrout1, what is the problem you are facing ? You have mark it as favorite.
I notice that this is a modified version of my indicator ( It would be great if you can follow the TradingView hose rules ( and at least mention that this is a modification of my indicator. Thanks.
sodhia17 modhelius
@modhelius, Sure. My bad that I did not do that earlier. Let me try to update the description .