magarto indicator

You also need to add a MA30 to the chart and set a timeframe of W on FOREX and others and H4 or D for BTCUSD .
Buy: when MA30 changes from downtrend to uptrend, price is over MA30 and magarto indicator shows a crossover in the top.
Sell: opposite scenario

Update 1: Sorry, for LTCUSD it didn't work. I used the wrong chart when I published it so check it in BTCUSD .
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study("magarto indicator",overlay=false)


xMA = ema(close,13)
DayLow = iff(dayofmonth != dayofmonth[1], low, min(low, nz(DayLow[1])))
bearpower = DayLow - xMA

DayHigh = iff(dayofmonth != dayofmonth[1], high, max(high, nz(DayHigh[1])))
bullpower = DayHigh - xMA

bothElder=iff((bearpower>0 and bullpower>0),1,iff((bearpower<0 and bullpower<0),-1,0))

buy = all4 == -3 ? all4 : na
sell = all4 == 3 ? all4 : na
plot(buy, style=circles, linewidth=4, color=red)
plot(sell, style=circles, linewidth=4, color=green)