Volatility Index Oscillator SmallCap [aamonkey]

There are two versions of this indicator (Large and Small Cap).

Both work exactly the same the only difference are the default coins selected (and this version compares only 9 coins in total instead of 10).

What does this indicator do?
- can be used on any timeframe
- plots the percentage change of the candles of the selected timeframe of 8 SmallCap coins (Default: REN, LOOM, MANA, ENJ , KNC, ZRX, BNT, REP)
- +1 line for the chart you are currently on (Default: red line)

Why use this indicator:
- compare selected coins to the SmallCap coins in terms of volatility
- see correlations in price movements
- see which coin outperforms the others
- find coins that are behind

- pairs, exchanges, and colors changeable
- always write the pairs and exchanges in caps!
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