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Hi Everyone,

How it works?
1. With this indicator you can compare any other symbol of index/security with selected symbol.
2. You can compare with three different Indices/symbols.
3. Also you can keep different timeframe to compare with the current symbol.
4. No need to add multiple indicators for same purpose.

Feel free to suggest any changes to the indicator.

I hope this indicatory could help you achieve what you expect.

Versionshinweise: Updated the script with one bug fix.
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Hi Yogesh, Thanks a lot and nice work, just asking, when i use this tool, it displays three lines but in the picture displayed above by you shows only single line , what makes it like this? its good tool but couldn't change index as mentioned by you that we can comapre it with any index.

Keep up the good work.
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yogeshjc1 Rajabhau
@Rajabhau, you need to put the comparison Index name like NSE:NIFTY or NSE:BANKNIFTY like this and you can compare the strength of the stock against those index. You can compare on three different time frame level like Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Try to compare stock with it's primary index. Let me know if this is clear or will create a short w=video and post it.
Rajabhau yogeshjc1
@yogeshjc1, got it bro, thanks a lot
How many day of index is used for comparison