Alternative Daily Reference Points for Intra-hour Charts

This is a different version of my used high, lows and pivots . One problem with pivot points is the number of calculation methods. The alternative version shows historical lows, closes, highs one basic period back.

► On lower timeframes - hour or less - this will show High, Low and Close from the previous day, two days ago, the previous week and two weeks ago and VWAP .
► On 1h daily reference points need to be enabled. On higher timeframes, daily reference points will not be shown. On the daily chart , weekly levels need to be enabled to still show and will be disabled on all higher periods.
► It is configured only for normal timeframes. If you use something like 17-minutes timeframe, you will have to allow this timeframe in the code.

Bear in mind, using all lines at the same time can be a little confusing and price doesn't react to every one of them. You can probably disable lows in the uptrend or scratch closes to simplify your chart.

Have a great trade!
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Hi, great script there, really liking it!
One question though, is it possible to have the lines only shown/calculated for the previous day or week? E.g. for today I only want to see the lines from yesterday but none of the other days before that?
That would be great!
greenmask9 vtrader1337
@vtrader1337, Yap. Disable them in the colour settings. You will have to turn off labels too, but you won't need them when there is less lines on the chart. Then save as default.
vtrader1337 greenmask9
@greenmask9, thx for the swift reply, but thats not what i meant ;) What I mean is I only want to see yesterdays resistance/support lines on todays candles, but no lines of the previous days at all.
For instance in prorealtime (another charting software) there are parameters called "DrawOnLastBarOnly" or "CalculateOnLastBars" which can be used to restrict how many periods into the past an indicator will be calculated/plotted. Would be great if that was possible with your script as well.
greenmask9 vtrader1337
@vtrader1337, Ok, that is a different story. I believe it would need a different function and I might consider it in the future as my schedule is full until November. Theoretically, I could make previous days to be transparent, but that would not be cute.
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