T3MA Crossover Strategy w/ Alerts v2.0

Using the T3MA formula developed by Tim Tillson, this differs from traditional SMA and EMA by providing a smoother curve and less lag. The smoothness is derived from the weighted sum of a single EMA through EMA 6 times.

How it works:
- Like any other crossover strategy.
- When fast MA crosses OVER the slow MA, go long.
- Close long and/or go short when the fast MA crosses UNDER the slow MA.
- Can keep flipping between long and short signals.

Quite a conservative strategy as it uses lagging indicators, not for intraday trading (you can, but I don't). Comes into it's own in trending markets as long as you stick to the signals.

Alert messages:
- Long
- Short

How I use it:
- My defaults are set at 2 fast MA and 5 slow MA to ride trends as close as possible.
- On BTCUSD and other altUSD pairs, I tend to use a daily time frame.
- On altBTC pairs, I tend to use a 12H time frame.
- Action on candle close at momentum confirmation (have seen numerous examples of a signal reversing mid candle into a dump).

Will need to be able to short altcoins to make the most of it, or it will at least keep you out of sustained downtrends (=/= holding).

Backtest it on bitcoin and other large cap alts on high time frames to see for yourself. For lazy trading, can set up alerts with AutoView.

0.1ETH for lifetime access. Message for details and support.
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