Heiken Ashi 10/20MA w/ Alerts v2.0

Using Heiken Ashi candles and default 10 and 20 Moving Averages for crossover signals to determine signals to go long, short and close trades.

How it works:
- Is the 10MA above the 20MA and a bullish candle? If yes, open a long.
- Will close the trade at the first bearish candle.
- Reverse this for going short.
- If you can't short, just close your long and hold till the next long signal.

Quite a conservative strategy, not for day trading. Comes into it's own in trending markets as long as you stick to the signals.

Alert messages:
- Long
- Short
- Close

Backtesting results:
XBTUSD = 85.9% (Bitmex)
LTCUSD = 75.6% (Bitfinex)
ETHUSD = 73.8% (Bitfinex)
NEOBTC = 83.9% (Binance)
TRXBTC = 79.4% (Binance)
EOSBTC = 88.1% (Binance)

Will need to be able to short altcoins to make the most of it, or at least will at least keep you out of sustained downtrends (=/= holding).

Backtest it on bitcoin and other large cap alts on high time frames to see for yourself. For lazy trading, can set up alerts with AutoView.

0.1ETH for lifetime access. Message for details and support.

Check out my other scripts.
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@GarethSA, 0.1 eth for lifetime. DM me if interested.
Nice strategy Can i have an access please? Thanks
Would love to have access please ?
# Can I get an access please?
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