AlphaScalp [Backtest, No RealTime]

AlphaScalp tries to find volatility moves and profits from the small pullbacks.
Even though the performance of this script in a fair amount of cases will beat HODL it is not the purpose. AlphaScalp aims for a high accuracy and profitfactor to ensure a more or less stable profit taking.
The properties like "MA Length" and the "Short -" or "Long line %" tweaks the risk by increasing or lowering the requirements for a buy (Long or Short). Close/Exit of each order is then handled by TP, SL or volatility stop .
For high volatility assets it is recommended to use the "Sell LONG on Volatility DOWN" and "Sell SHORT on Volatility UP" to ensure a TA approach for StopLoss. Normal SL is also possible to set but is not recommended on high volatility assets since you quickly can be stopped out by wicks.

AlphaScalp works best on high volatility assets with a solid liquidity and volume - but it will also work on stocks and low volatility assets.
AlphaScalp is designed for scalping and is thereby recommended to use between 5M-1H.

This version is free for your to backtest on all assets - but be aware that alerts on RealTime bars are disabled - meaning you can add alerts but they will not trigger in real time. To ensure you have the latest backtesting results, you need to have the script added to your chart, save your chart and the refresh the page.

Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions
Versionshinweise: increased precision for buy orders and TA stoploss.
Some strategies have up to 200% increased returns with the current changes.
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