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Sup all,

Snoop here with another script -- this time it is an ichimoku-type script. The ichimoku system is very powerful and the base script I have chosen to work from is the work of BrainZZ and Chris Moody; I added some alerts based on their signals and recolored to my liking. I suggest using the 'alert once per bar (on close)' if utilizing the alerts for TS crossing KS or the KS slope direction.

This script is great because it includes a moonphase indicator as well. This moonphase indicator was the work of Glaz and I appreciate the work he did on the base script which I have further modified and incorporated into this indicator. New moons are black, full moons are white, and the Q1 and Q3 are shown as blue.

The last thing in this script is the Williams Fractal and Higher High Higher Low fractal recognition. This is the work of JustUncleL and I appreciate the work he has done.

I hope everyone can get some good useage out of this it is packed full of some very powerful tools; feel free to PM me if you need resources on the ichimoku system or check out the education section of ichimoku_trader's posts.

As always good luck and happy trading!


-- Snoop
Versionshinweise: Added improved moonphase calculations by my friend ShirokiHeishi, this includes the ability to see phase by increments of 1/8 which is twice the resolution as the 1/4 phase previously allowed
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