CC - Macro Consolidated Interval Display (MCID)

Ever wish you didn't have to rapidly flip between 6 different tickers to get the full picture?
Yeah, me too. Do you also wish that you kind of understood how the shift / unshift function works for arrays?
Yeah, I did too. Both of those birds are taken care of with one stone!

The Macro Consolidated Interval Display uses the new Array structure and security to display data for VIX , GLD , TLT , QQQ , SPY and IWM (at a 1D interval) SIMUTANEOUSLY! Regardless of which ticker you're looking at you can get the full picture of macro futures data without flipping around to get it.

This is my first script trying to use arrays. It basically shows the following a 1d interval:

  • ATR14, RSI7, RSI14, SMA50, SMA200 and VWAP for VIX .
  • ATR14, RSI7, RSI14, SMA50, SMA200 and VWAP for GLD .
  • ATR14, RSI7, RSI14, SMA50, SMA200 and VWAP for TLT .
  • ATR14, RSI7, RSI14, SMA50, SMA200 and VWAP for QQQ .
  • ATR14, RSI7, RSI14, SMA50, SMA200 and VWAP for SPY .
  • ATR14, RSI7, RSI14, SMA50, SMA200 and VWAP for IWM

To make it more or less busy, I've allowed you to toggle off any of the levels you wish. I've also chosen to leave this as open source, as it's nothing too experimental, and I hope that it can gain some traction as an Array example that the public can use! If you don't like the different values that are shown, use this source code example as a spring-board to put values that you do care about onto the labels.

If this code has helped you at all please drop me a like or some constructive criticism if you do not think it's worth a like.

Good luck and happy trading friends. This should be compatible with my CID as well:

If this gets traction, I will post something similar for a dynamic combination of tickers and intervals that you can set yourself.
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