Consistant TRX/XVG Script

I was messing around and made a little script that works best for TRX and XVG for some reason. It is constant for nice 1 and 2% gains.

This is a work in progress... if you want to talk about making scripts and crypto, join this discord I just made:

Comment if you'd like to see more :)
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could i try this please?

Would love to try out the script!
Hi, you script show good results at market uptrend, how it works in downtrend?
Hi Shroom, can you give me access to your script?
thank you
Hi SchoomDaddy,
The script looks great, how can I get access to test it? Thanks
ShroomDaddy tradermike77
@tradermike77, I will not be releasing the code at this moment because it is not completed yet. I will keep you updated :)
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