Sharp Shooter - by FiatDropout

This is an experimental script and is intended to be used only on LTF charts for scalping. It may or may not be useful on other charts and time frame, but that is subject to back testing.

Now, coming back to this script. It has multiple features yet i tried to keep it as clean in representation as possible.

As obvious, few things are easily recognizable on chart, such as:


STRONG BUY - Heavy Uptrend is expected, Go LONG


STRONG SHORT - Heavy Downtrend is expected, Go SHORT.

on addition to above signals, there are few other plot-shapes, which are:

Red Circle - Acts as TP for LONG during uptrend and acts as Add-On SHORT during downtrend

Green Circle - Acts as TP for SHORT during downtrend and acts as Add-on LONG during uptrend.

Red Background - Bearish Peak, potential start of downtrend

Blue Background - Bullish Peak, potential start of uptrend


Now that plots are over, lets go to how to use them. As name of this script suggests, it intends to find most optimal entry and exit for long and short while taking profit on the way and adding to the position until trend changes.

Be aware that trend here is very much based on current time-frame and does not represent other time-frame's bias. Also, trend here is intended to be used as a scalp trend and not a swing trend.

Now once, you get a signal for BUY(example), then wait for "Bullish Peak"(blue background) to appear with either "STRONG BUY" or just "BUY" and take an entry at respective price, next look for "red circle" which acts as TP for long(refer sec, above) and either move stop to entry, or take partial profits or close position entirely.

Now every subsequent "green circle" will act as add-on for long and every "red circle" will act as TP for long, until "Bearish Peak" appears, which will reverse the order of how circles are used and direction of the trade. Now during "Bearish Peak" and until "Bullish Peak" appears, "red circle" will act as add-on for short and "green circle" will act as TP for short.

It might take some time to adjust to the plots, but i have decided to keep it that way in order to keep chart clean of too many signals.


NOTE : Please use stops and be sure to place orders quickly as prices move faster on minute charts and you should be able to place orders and stop right away, so if you are new to trading and are currently in early stage of the business, scalping is strongly not advised, let alone this indicator. Also, past performance are not guarantee of future results and most importantly, this indicator does not repaint. By using this indicator, you accept that i am not responsible for any losses or gains made by user by trading with help of this bot.

Also, in next update, i will fix some bug, add some SS and also add alerts. Alerts are not being added currently because of high volatile nature of the bot signals which if tried on automation can give varied results. Once everything is set, i shall add alerts.

for any other queries, feel free to get back here on chat or DM .

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I am liking this script very much! Could you please make acces to it
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