Pivot Points 17 - Standard

-This indicator doesn't tell you the market condition (BUY or SELL)

- Totally dependent on your knowledge

- Projects the Key Levels of a single time frame on the chart

- Watch out for rejections at these levels
- Identify breakouts at these levels with strong confirmation like RETEST (as Level Role Reversal)
Versionshinweise: Updates!
- Pivots Color Selection
Versionshinweise: Updates!
- Bug Fixed on Pivot Single Set Color Selection
Versionshinweise: Update!
- Pivot label formatted to show key level price
- Pivot key width changed from 3 to 2
Versionshinweise: Update
- Bug fix on Pivot Time Frame Selector
Versionshinweise: Update:

HTF Increment of One Month (1M), Three Month (3M) and One Year (12M) Periods.
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