Ether (Ethereum) CME Gaps [NeoButane]

Detects gaps in trading for CME's "Ether" cash-settled futures . This will show gaps as they happen on the 24/7 charts that crypto exchanges use. It is not usable on CME's tickers themselves, as gaps in trading are not displayed.

This indicator will only display if viewing an ETH chart.

More information on the CME ETH futures here:

Based on:

What's different: CME's BTC and ETH markets trade the same hours, but one may hit a limit breaker while there may be a case where the other does not.
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Sorry if I haven't replied to your message yet, I'm a bit backlogged :)


Thanks Man, as the guy below said, just in the first day you launch this. Incredible as always!
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Oh right today is the first day of launch the ETH at CME; nice stuff as always bro <3
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hey dude - I'm seeing CME open at around 57345 but the CME indicator was printing up at around 58445 - is this because there wasn't much of a gap (if any) today? I'm not sure. Thanks.