Skanderbeg Instinct by CryptoShqip

Let me introduce you to the Skanderbeg Instinct!

The Skanderbeg Instinct is a Momentum Indicator and signals Entry Points. It als can be used as an exit Indicator aswell, however I recommend using a different Strategy or just looking for Candlestick patterns.
The Skanderbeg Instinct is meant to be used on a 15min Timeframe, it wont work properly on different one's.

How to use it:
1. Open an EMA 200 on your 15min Timeframe.
2. Turn off Eagle 120 and Eagle 240 in the settings (those are meant to be for experimental uses).
3. The Settings you should have on are Eagle 15, 30, 60 and Eagle Strong.

Entry Trigger:
1. An Entry Long is triggered when the Eagle 15 crosses above Eagle 30 or Eagle 60, therefore an Entry Short is triggered when the Eagle 15 crosses under Eagle 30 or 60.
2. You Trade based on the Trend. The Trendfilter is the 200 EMA . The best Entries are when price is close to the 200 EMA and you get a Signal.
This means when price > 200 EMA , you look only for Longs, when price < 200 EMA , you look only for Shorts
3. The Eagle Strong is a strong Support or Resistance level . Look out for bounce's!
4. Exit can be used if for example you are in a Long Trade and you see Eagle 15 crossing under the Eagle 30, that could be a good exit point.

When does it work the best?
- When we are Trending, no matter which way
- Its not good for ranging market

Mistakes you can make:
If the Eagle 15 crosses sideways it is not considered an Entry, it has to point UP or DOWN.
Versionshinweise: The Skanderbeg Instinct Indicator is gonna be split in A and B Indicator. This one is Skanderbeg Instinct Indikator B.

Added Features:
- Visual Plots are shown for Crossover Eagle 30 and 60 (for 30 its green, for 60 its olive)
- Visual Plots are shown for Crossunder Eagle 30 and 60 (for 30 its red, for 60 its purple)

Please note: The plots are only valid, if the candle closes, otherwise it will repaint (Its a Non-Repainting-Indicator).
Versionshinweise: Name changed.

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