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Welcome to our Tradingview cryptohopper trigger widget.

We designed this script to give Cryptohopper users the possibility to set up an alarm when btc is trending down. Cause of the BTCs behavior as the supertrend coin for the market it is better to turn your hopper off or be extremly careful when BTC is trending down. We implemented to types of alarms, because atm its not possible to automate using them to deactivate your hopper. On Alarm setup could be used to send signals every minute to trigger a push notification on your App or to trigger your Alexa. The other type of alarm only sends one single signal for normal purposes.

We recommend using this indicator in the 30 minute or 1 hour timeframe and to deactivate your hopper and deleting all positions when a alarm is signaling. The risk of a larger drop is very high in this marketphase. Never take an drop again using this approach. Little drawdown in bearish or ranging times but high reward in bullish times.

Smartgrow-Trading is a community project with the aim of developing the best and most successful trading strategies and sharing them with the community.

The basic idea of this script is to calculate how far an coin is away from its ATH , to gave warning signals for deactivating coins after they reached there ATH . So it could also be used for other coins and pairs.

If there are questions, write them into the comments or contact us directly over the direct message or social media. Happy Trading!

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