Williams Fractals with Alerts by MrTuanDoan

Custom William Fractals for alerts and educational purpose.
  • Added custom alerts for Williams Fractals.
  • Also added filter to show less fractals on chart.
The simple idea how I use fractals in Binary Option is to determine temporary resistance and support.

Simple strategy:
- Mark Resistance/Support on higher time frame (e.g. 5M)
- Set an alert for new fractal
- Whenever a new fractal that appears close to your marked Resistance/Support, go to lower time frame (e.g. 1M)
- Wait for rejection at the level that lower than new down fractal (or higher than new up fractal ).
- Enter with the same expiry of lower time frame.

Good luck and happy trading. :-)

I'm happy to help you improve your trading.
Telegram: @MrTuanDoan
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