BlueMags Binary-Hybrid [Binary Option]


This algorithm was built for Professional and Institutional Traders and NOT Gamblers. here's why;

1. Optimized specifically for Binary options traders - (If you want to grow your account to six figures you need to use this)

2. Trade expiration clearly stated in the alerts and on screen - (30Minutes Trades of both Calls and Puts)

3. Results of your trade are shown on the screen to make you estimate performance easily - "W" for WIN and "L" for LOSS (P.S: No one else has done this)

4. Simplified for EASY USE, just add to a 5 Minutes chart and set alerts to once per bar close. Every signal has an alert for immediate notification.

5. Best assets to use is; EURUSD

6. VERIFIED 75% up to 100% WIN RATE!

How can you get access

Get INSTANT Access to this Algorithm here: - ACCESS Comes with BlueMags Forex, Bluemags Anchor and Bluemags Binary option.

Join our community of Free Signals here:

follow us on twitter: @rebornmarkets (very important)


This algorithm must be used with BlueMags Anchor Script ( to enter the market in the direction of the cloud color.

Here's a tutorial Video on how to use this algorithm;

When a BUY or SELL Signal appears enter for Binary Option
If BUY, the Bluemags Anchor must be GREEN
If SELL, the Bluemags Anchor must be RED

Best Algorithm trading and Market Condition

For the best performance import this market watchlist list into your chart:

Please use sufficient risk management. long term success is very important

Trade responsibly. Happy Trading. Make money MASSIVELY!
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Important Info:

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