This is a tool for plotting and predicting Elliott Wave patterns. I'm not actually a fan of Elliott Wave analysis as it pertains to human traders but algorithmic Elliott wave TA does make sense and works. This indicator is to be a free clone of the premium MTPredictor indicator. What you see in this first version is simply the scaffolding to build it. It is not yet complete. I will continue to update this until it reaches near parity or better with MTPredictor. Also, unlike MTPredictor, MTForecaster will be a strategy with buy/sell signals. This indicator will eventually be able to identify many different market patterns.

These signals can be automated via www.Pinebot.com. While MTForecaster will always be free, the automated strategy/bot version will be a subscription you can get at my Pinebot shop. There are other strategies to check out there as well as the ability to load your own pine scripts into your own bots.
Versionshinweise: Added some more fractals which gives us more connecting lines. This should now be enough to start plotting the waves.
Versionshinweise: Removed a bit of noise. Will zero in on some wave counting in next major update.
Versionshinweise: Another minor update. Another line was needed.
Versionshinweise: Minor update of much more cleanup.
Versionshinweise: clean clean clean
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