Double Smoothed Relative Strength Index

The Double Smoothed RSI Indicator was created by William Blau (Stocks & Commodities V. 9:5 (202-205)) and is a variation of the classic RSI using his Momenta Indicator and his Momenta RSI formula. I have color coded everything to make it very easy to determine buy and sell signals.

Let me know if you would like to see me write scripts for other indicators!
Versionshinweise: Changed the title
Versionshinweise: allowed someone to change the ob/os levels
Versionshinweise: updated to match my other indicators
Versionshinweise: fixed issue with default resolution
Open-source Skript

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Hi, can you please tell, what this will do "inp)" on security function

I am curios as I came across repainting issue with one of my MTF stochasticRsi strategy, actual trades are different and strategy results are different, is there any way we can show actual results on back test or can we fix the repaint issue altogether
It’s my first strategy and not if we can handle it
@levith, yw