How to consolidate multiple alerts into one

How to consolidate multiple alerts into a single alertcondition().

The solution consists of two parts:
1 - consolidate the alert conditions
2 - consolidate the alert types used in the alert message

Part two is harder to accomplish because the message to display when the alert fires must be const string.
However, we can use numbers.

The structure:
▪ 1 and 0 are used in formatting the message
▪ 111 - Enter Long
▪ 222 - Exit Long
▪ 333 - Enter Short
▪ 444 - Exit Short
Alert Message Example:
- method 2 (1 0111 0222 0333 0444) is equivalent to (enterLong exitLong enterShort exitShort)
- method 3 (1111) (2222) (3333) (4444) is equivalent to (enterLong exitLong enterShort exitShort)

It can help save time managing alerts, and it can also save precious real estate on your UI .
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Could you give an example of how this one could be used?

For example, if I want the 1) RSI 14 for 5 sec >30 and 2) RSI 14 for 15 min >30 to start a trade, how exactly should I code it here?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm actually working out a strategy that I have bactested. Is there a way to set combo custom start triggers like if Volume crosses up across a horizontal line, and price action is above say the Trading view widget line, buy... etc?
Good Job!
Wicked cool !