This is an update of "Uncle Mo's Ultimate Ichimoku V1"

Main features:

2 x Ichimoku Cloud

5 x EMA

2 x MA

1 x HullMA

Williams Fractal

Bollinger Bands - ***NEW***

ATR - ***NEW***

PSAR - ***NEW***

Candlestick Patterns - ***NEW***

Price Action Bars- ***NEW***

List of credits:

@br0qn for the Ichimoku

@RicardoSantos for the Bill Williams Fractal

@EmilianoMesa for the EMAs/MAs

@mohamed982 for the HullMA

@ymaheshreddy4u for the Bollinger Bands

@ChrisMoody for the Price Action Bars and PSAR

@HPotter for the ATR

@repo32 for the Candlestick Patterns

The script is open source and free to use. Feel free to change it around to suit your needs.

***If you copy & paste code from other traders to make your own script, please do remember to give them credit for their amazing work.***

Happy trading!
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I wish there was no lag between indicator signs and price movement) It would be the best scalping tool!))
I'll second the entry and exits if possible, thanks
howdy, is it possible to haven entry and exits added to this, so it can be backtested?
MRZSKV berlinguyinca
@berlinguyinca, @cfunik No entries/exits available, I'm afraid. This is not an actual strategy but, rather, a "combo-indicator".

The majority of its elements are fully customisable allowing traders to find their own way to use it.

I am currently working on a modified version of this script where I took off the PSAR and added 3 more MAs (total of 5 now), 1x TEMA a Double Super-Trend ATR.

Will publish it soon!
and a Double Super-Trend ATR*
@MRZSKV, thanks and highly appreciate it! Looking forward to it
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