RSI PPO Divergence

Just a RSI with 2 Levels and a range (70 to 80) and optical changes to standart RSI .
Versionshinweise: Property added.
Now you can set the RSI level between 70-90, 30-10 and yox can + or - the extreme RSI 1 to 10 (RSI 70 + RSI extreme 10 = 80) or (30 - 10 = 20)
Versionshinweise: Named the RSI line and set a trackline
Versionshinweise: Added multi RSI
Now you can Overlay RSI from different Timeframes like 60,D,W and one optional minutes Timeframe.
Versionshinweise: Label with Rsi Informations added.
Now you can turn of the rsi lines at the perferences style if you want to. of corse you have to turn it on at inputs.
Versionshinweise: Label bug fixed
Versionshinweise: Labels use new Pine positions.
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Sorry, does it repaints ?
if I'll find a way to filter out some minor signals, preserving frequency of them I will be rich with this indicator))
James_Bl mrgr888n
@mrgr888n, Have fun. Tell it to your Friends :)
mrgr888n James_Bl
@James_Bl, I joined Ur telegram chat, and I wish Tg had built in translator) Don't U mind if I write U somehow someday?
@RafaelZioni, this is good.
nice at 1 hour tf! Could U suggest something for 15 min scalping?
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