BTC Bittrex USDT Indicator

This is a simple buy/sell strategy for trading BTC 5.18% and USDT on a 30 minute chart resolution - fully backtested with proof (see screenshot below).

As there is no real one-size-fits-all indicator out there, this has been setup CAREFULLY after backtesting to provide a reliable profit factor.

*PLEASE READ* Due to the time and effort which went into creating this, you need to be a member of to use this script.

If you want to trial this for 24hrs let me know in the comments - OR hit me up with your ElitePromoter username to get immediate access to this and our members-only Crypto Telegram channel.

Enjoy! :)
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Hello, Can I try the script. Thank you
Hi may I have access? Thanks!
Hi This looks nice, can you share w/ dosbanans on ElitePromoters pls or my account. Thanks and keep it up!
@ffab00, access granted and also given you a link to the trading tutorials on ElitePromoter... Enjoy!
damn can i have access i was trying to use it today
tnbturbo Syper50k
@Syper50k, Access granted for 24hrs, sorry for the delay!
Remember to only use on a 30 min time frame on USDT Bittrex :)
^ Use only on a 30 minute chart resolution BTC/USDT Bittrex
Let me try this for 24 hrs, how can I get the trial?
@Andy1, access granted :)
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